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Alereon, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company developing high-bandwidth, high-performance low-power Certified Wireless USB and WiMedia Ultra Wideband (UWB) chipsets, including the industry's first 3.1–10.6 GHz worldwide solution. Alereon's products are ideal for today's personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices, such as digital cameras, mp3 players, mobile handsets and smart phones. At Alereon, we want to replace the complex tangle of wires that interconnect today's electronic devices with wireless links.


Imagine how much easier networking would be if the wires that connect your personal computer, audio/video equipment, and electronic gadgets disappeared. At Alereon, we believe that UWB technology will make Life Without Wires™ a reality.


Alereon's experience in UWB technology is unparalleled in the industry. We were founded by Ultra Wideband technology pioneers and have a 120+ patent/application portfolio that speaks to the experience of our team and to our deep understanding of radio frequency technology. We are:
  • The first company to demonstrate a 480 Mbps WiMedia PHY product
  • The first company to demonstrate a complete product including silicon components, antenna, and software
  • The first company in volume production with a WiMedia PHY chipset
  • The first company to complete the compliance and certification testing from the USB-IF for a Certified Wireless USB chipset
  • The first company to develop a worldwide Wireless USB chipset, satisfying global regulatory requirements
  • 2007 Andrew Seybold Choice Awards winner for the Most Innovative New Design Concept
  • Founding members of the MBOA-SIG and WiMedia Alliances
  • Leaders in the development of Wireless USB standards

UWB Technology Value Proposition

UWB is a revolutionary radio technology that uses wide bandwidth signals to achieve the fastest wireless data rates in the industry. It has fundamental advantages over conventional wireless communication systems, providing many times the speed of today's 802.11 networks while using merely one-tenth the power. In fact, the Certified Wireless USB application of UWB technology achieves data rates and plug-and-play capability equivalent to the industry standard wired USB 2.0.

Regulatory bodies around the world have placed stringent demands on UWB technology, particularly with regard to RF design. To date, only one company, Alereon, ships a UWB radio that covers all the frequencies required for global operation.

Alereon Products

Alereon delivers high-performance UWB ICs, certified Wireless USB reference designs, UWB modules, and complete development kits to enable the development of Certified Wireless USB and high-speed Bluetooth products globally. Featuring support for WiMedia band groups 1, 3, 4, and 6, Alereon offers the only family of USB products capable of delivering the full promise of Wireless USB while still meeting worldwide regulatory requirements.

Market Adoption

Certified Wireless USB combines the convenience of wireless communication with the seamless plug-and-play capability of legacy USB applications. In 2006 over 1.9 billion products shipped with a USB port. In August 2007, the USB-IF certified the world's first Wireless USB products. Building upon the success of wired USB technology, Certified Wireless USB products are now available on the consumer market.