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With the proliferation of wireless technologies available today performance and Quality of Service (QoS) have become increasingly important. We have all noticed that the quality of streaming video and the time it takes to download files has been getting worse as more and more people share the same Wi-Fi “pipe”. Unlike Wi-Fi, Alereon ultrawideband solutions do not use the crowded 5GHz or 2.4GHz frequencies providing much higher performance and better QoS for in-room applications. Typical applications that take advantage of Alereon's wireless ultrawideband solutions include:

  • Consumer Electronics where uninterruptable video is critical inluding wireless projectors and montors, streaming PC audio and video to an HDTV and wireless docking stations for home and office use
  • Medical systems where Wi-Fi saturation doesn't allow for high performance and guarantted quality of service such as wireless video displays in operating rooms, wireless transducers for ultrasound and endoscopy machines and ad-hoc networks for in-room communications
  • Military applications for Body Area Networks were low power and high performance are critical such as wireless gun sites, heads-up displays and location targeting
  • Industrial, Automotive and Public Safety applications where low power, high performance and uninterruptable video area all critical such as for shop floor control systems, machine-to-machine communications, and wireless back-up cameras