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Alereon Demonstrates Android Wireless Pocketable Computing

Ability to connect Android smartphones or tablets to monitors, HDTVs and docks provides the ultimate in flexibility to your home and office environment

Alereon - International CES, Las Vegas NV- January 9, 2012 – Alereon, Inc., the leader in high speed wireless technology for video and data applications today announced they are demonstrating high-speed wireless connectivity from Android-based smartphones and tablets to integrated wireless monitors/docks as well as HDTVs.  This technology enables users to keep their smartphone or tablet in their pocket or purse and wirelessly mirror the screen to their desktop monitor, including support for keyboard, mouse and other Android supported USB peripherals.

“Tablets and smartphones are destined to be the eventual center of our personal computing universe,” said Eric Broockman Alereon CEO.  “Alereon envisions a future where wireless monitors and HDTVs become the center piece for your desktop and home.  Your smartphone, laptop and tablet will wirelessly connect at low latency to both manipulate text, graphics and video at the office, or enable a compelling gaming experience in your home.  Consumers will have the option for their Android smartphone to become their pocketable computer and ultimately become their primary computing device”.

Alereon’s unique technology provides not only the performance that allows for all day glitch-free video connectivity, but full docking station capabilities exemplified by both the Samsung Central Station and the recently announced Series 7 Smart Station. Enter a room and wirelessly attach to a full size monitor, keyboard, mouse and peripherals.  Simply leave the room to disconnect. In addition, by using the untapped radio spectrum from 6 to 9GHz Alereon’s ultrawideband (UWB) technology avoids congestion, interference and throughput issues that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth suffer in the limited 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum.

Based on the AL6000 Ultrawideband Wireless Chipset, Alereon's UWB performance and use of unused wireless spectrum is especially important to applications such as wireless monitors that require guaranteed throughput with low latency for video performance such as wireless HDMI cable replacement or Android handset to monitor or HDTV or specialty industrial applications.

In addition Alereon has recently announced the next generation AL7350, an advanced UWB BaseBand/MAC that is capable of achieving 1Gbps PHY rates at short range on the desktop and 2X extended range versus earlier WiMedia 1.1 compliant UWB chipsets.  The AL7350 implements the more advanced WiMedia 1.5 specification together with maximum ratio combining. The new 1Gbps chip is currently in alpha sampling and will be available for general sampling in mid-2012.

For more information or an appointment to see the demonstration at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .