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AL6636 Slim Profile UWB Host Adapter

Perfect for thin tablets and smartphones

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AL6636 Slim Profile UWB Host Adapter


The Alereon AL6636 Slim Profile Ultra Wideband (UWB) Host Adapter is a pre-certified radio that can be used for short range host side applications when communicating to devices such as wireless monitors and docking stations. It's unobtrusive, slim form factor allows the user to insert the UWB adapter into any USB port and leave it plugged in permanently. Whether they leave their desk for a meeting, or slide their notebook into a briefcase, the UWB adapter's slim form factor allows the unit to remain plugged in for future use without the hassles of multiple insertions.

This small board (only 14mm x 34 mm) is powered via 5VDC and supports a USB 2.0 interface. For host applications, production hard tool plastics are available are available that use a type "A"USB male connector (mounted 90 degrees to the PCB) and integrated antenna. Association methods supported include cable association, long pin, pre-associated pairing for out-of-the-box use, and Alereon’s QuickLink protocol, a session based association for public device applications like wireless projectors and kiosks.

The AL6636 Reference Design Kit (RDK) is a turn-key manufacturing kit designed to enable the rapid development of Ultra Wideband enabled products. This pre-certified radio eliminates or greatly reduces the time, cost and risk involved with RF layout and certification requirements.

Complete Software Support

In addition to full hardware design support, the AL6636 Slim Profile UWB Host Adapter is offered with a wide variety of software and firmware options. Host side applications can use either the driverless NoWire™ firmware that is OS independent or classic HWA firmware can be used to support Windows based HWA drivers and Alereon’s Ultra Wideband Manager User Interface.Custom product names, logos, icons and custom installation scripts are supported. WLP firmware options are available to support DLNA and other IP based applications.

Worldwide Compatibility

The Alereon AL6626 Mini UWB Host Adapter is a true worldwide solution that supports band groups 1, 3, and 6 offering users fullaccess to more than 10 channels in any country in the world* without any hardware modifications.

* Any country with approved UWB regulations

Reference Design Kit Contents

  • OrCAD schematic database
  • PADS PCB layout database
  • Gerber files
  • Bill of materials with approved vendor list
  • User application software, drivers and documentation
Mini Ultrawideband Host Adapter Key Specifications
Chipset AL5100 RF Transceiver, AL6301 Baseband/MAC
Host Interface USB 2.0
PHY Data Rate (Mbps) 53.3, 80, 106.7, 160, 200, 320, 400, 480
Range 5 - 10 meters
WiMedia Protocols Wireless USB Host, Wireless USB Dual-Role Device, IP (WLP), DLNA
Throughput Up to 210 Mbs
WiMedia Band Groups 1, 3, 6 (3.1 - 9 GHz)
WiMedia Channels TFC 1-10 (TFI, FFI, TFI2), total of 30 channels available