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AL5750 1080p Wireless UWB Audio/Video Adapter

Wirelessly extend your PC screen to the best monitor in your house - your 1080p HDTV

AL5750 1080p UWB Wireless Adapter for tablets or HDTVs


The 1080p Wireless Audio/Video Adapter Reference Design Kit (RDK) wirelessly displays a notebook’s screen on an HDTV, monitor or projector. Streaming the wireless video link between a PC and a HDTV at speeds up to 220 Mbps via ultra wideband wireless technology leaves the WiFi radio in the PC free to connect to the internet at full speed to stream video files from web sites such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube.

The 1080p Wireless A/V Adapter is based upon the SMSC UFX6000 USB Graphics Adapter supporting up to 2028 x 1152 (32-bit color) display resolution in both standard and wide screen aspect ratios. Video outputs of the AL5750 1080p Wireless A/V Adapter include HDMI (v1.3 compliant) and optional VGA + stereo analog connectors. The design also includes two optional USB ports: one via a standard USB Type "A" connector - to connect external USB devices; and the second via a stake pin connector on the PCB to attach an internal USB device. An example application is a wireless video conferencing product, where a WebCam is added to support two-way video communications.

The 1080p Wireless Audio/Video Adapter RDK is a turn-key manufacturing kit designed to enable the rapid development of Wireless USB multi-media products. The RDK includes all the design files, tools, software and documentation required to support manufacturing the base design or to enable an ODM to make custom modifications.

Complete Software Support

The Wireless Audio/Video Adapter can pair with either an aftermarket USB host radio adapter or an integrated Wireless UWB Half-MiniCard inside a notebook computer. Software support for the host-side radio includes Alereon's NoWire™ driverless solutionwhich pre-pairs the Wireless Audio/Video Adapter with a USB Host radio adapter in a kit configuration for out-of-the-box use by an end customer. Alereon's driver-based Wireless USB Manager UserInterface solutions can also be utilized to support association by either Long PIN or by Alereon's QuickLink™ session based association.

Worldwide Compatibility

The Wireless Audio/Video Adapter is a true worldwide solution that supports band groups 1, 3, and 6 for use in any country in the world*.
* Any country with approved UWB regulations

Reference Design Kit Contents

  • OrCAD schematic database
  • PADS PCB layout database
  • Gerber files
  • Bill of materials with approved vendor list
  • User application software, drivers and documentation


1080p Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Key Specifications
UWB Chipset AL5100 RF Transceiver, AL5350 Baseband/MAC
Output HDMI and/or VGA + analog audio (optional USB ports)
PHY Data Rates (Mbps) 53.3, 80, 106.7, 160, 200, 320, 480
Range 5 - 10 meters
Standards WiMedia PHY versions 1.1 and USB 2.0
Throughput up to 220 Mbps (PC Host Dependent)
WiMedia Band Groups 1, 3, 6 (3.1 – 9.0 GHz), total of 30 channels supported
Video Resolution Supports all common VESA and CEA-861 resolutions up to 1080p (2028 x 1152)