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AL6622 Wireless Mon/Docking Station Reference Design

Enabling wireless docking functionality for PCs, tablets and smart phones

icon AL6622 Wireless Mon/Dock Reference Design - SMSC - PB R1.0

AL6622 Wireless Mon/Docking Station


Mobile computing has changed our lives by offering the flexibility to have email and internet access while away from our office or home. We swap the convenience of mobility by giving up the desktop experience of full size keyboards, large displays and connection to a variety of peripherals. You can now have the best of both worlds by instantly and automatically connecting to your full desktop peripherals as you re-enter your home or office.

Whether you are using a PC, MAC, tablet or smart phone, UWB technology enables you to wirelessly connect to a full size monitor, keyboard/mouse and numerous other peripherals with the performance and reliability that cannot be matched by any other wireless technology.

UWB wireless technology utilizes the untapped 3-10 GHz spectrum which is immune to the crowded WiFi frequency bands enabling deployments in high density areas such as office cubicles or apartment buildings. In addition, by not having to share frequency bands with other wireless technologies, the Alereon integrated wireless dock can provide you with the quality of service needed to run even high performance video streams.

Wireless Monitor/Docking Station Unit

The Alereon AL6622 Worldwide Wireless Monitor/Docking Station Reference Design offers a design example for both stand-alone wireless docking stations as well as wireless monitors that integrate docking features. It is based upon the SMSC UFX7000 USB graphics controller to supply digital video to the monitor scalar chip. Additional designs are offer to support HDMI, VGA and DVI-I output connections to external monitors. The reference design supports Ethernet, audio in/out and multiple USB ports for external peripherals. Automatic switching is provided between wireless connections and USB 2.0/3.0 wired connections.

Flexible Design

The AL6622 Worldwide Wireless Monitor/Docking Station Reference Design is just one of several wireless docking station reference designs offer by Alereon. Wireless conductivity is enabled by the modular AL6621 UWB Half Mini Card thus removing the risk of RF layout and regulatory issues from your motherboard design. Several small form factor USB host radio adapter designs are available for use with PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Alereon reference designs allow you to easily customize your design by including the desired port configuration and motherboard dimensions. Choose between SMSC’s UFX6000 or 7000 to support 1080p resolution for stream video while offering crystal clear graphics support. Please refer to the AL6624 for a DisplayLink DL-3000 based product.

Complete Software Support

In addition to full hardware design support, Alereon offers drivers, user interface application and installation packages for Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Mac OS. Solutions for Android and additional OS are available upon request.

Reference Design Kit Contents

  • OrCAD schematic database
  • PADS PCB layout database
  • Gerber files
  • Bill of materials with approved vendor list
  • User application software, drivers and documentation
Worldwide Monitor/Docking Station Key Specifications
Chipset AL5100 RF Transceiver, AL6301 Baseband/MAC
PHY Data Rate (Mbps) 53.3, 80, 106.7, 160, 200, 320, 400, 480
Range 5 - 10 meters
Standards WiMedia PHY version 1.1 and USB 2.0
Throughput 150 - 200 Mbps
WiMedia Band Groups 1, 3, 6 (3.1 - 9 GHz)
WiMedia Channels TFC 1-10 (TFI, FFI, TFI2), total of 30 channels available