Alereon’s module suite supports a variety of classification needs

Alereon – Austin, TX – April 17, 2024 – Alereon’s Intra-soldier Wireless (ISW) module suite recently earned NSA and NIST certifications in order to handle a full range of classification requirements. Alereon supports five different modules supporting USB, parallel data, Octal SPI, and UART interfaces.

Alereon’s ISW modules have supported a variety of government programs including FWS-I, ENVG-B, IVAS, and NGSW-FC. “We’re excited to see the ISW user space expand with over forty programs either shipping or currently in development”, said Alereon CEO David Shoemaker. “Our small footprint wireless modules are an excellent choice for the military’s expandable wireless personal area network.”

Alereon’s technology supports high bandwidth, real-time communication for video, but can be scaled down to offer low power connectivity for low-speed devices. The ISW network supports a mix of video devices, audio devices, sensors, docks, and custom solutions all connected with guaranteed bandwidth up to 300Mbps. “We have regularly been adding new capabilities from off-body radio connectivity, real-time audio and video, and low power hibernating devices, just to name a few”, said Alereon VP Engineering David Nix. “As the eco-system grows, we are finding more and more applications that can be added to the ISW network in a quick and seamless manner. We provide a variety of support tools that can turn most wired connections into wireless connections in a matter of days.”

Alereon, Inc. is the world-wide leader in UWB solutions that create high-throughput, low power, low-latency links for military, commercial, and medical technology.

The ENVG-B integrates Intra-Soldier Wireless (ISW). This allows the warfighter to observe weapon sight video and augmented reality information in their goggle in real time.

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The Family of Weapon Sights – Individual (FWS-I) and Enhanced Night-Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) integrate Intra-Soldier Wireless (ISW) to allow soldiers to shoot around corners without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

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The DOCK StreamCaster uses Intra-Soldier Wireless (ISW) to integrate a warfighter’s EUD (smartphone or mobile PC) with other soldier-borne devices, such as sensors, laser range finders, and heads-up displays.

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The Integrated Vision Augmentation System (IVAS) uses Intra-Soldier Wireless (ISW) to communicate with a warfighter’s weapon sight and other soldier-borne devices, resulting in a comprehensive set of video and tactical information in the IVAS display.

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The Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) includes the M157 Fire Control optic and range finder that uses smart targeting to increase soldier lethality. The M157 integrates Intra-Soldier Wireless (ISW) to send targeting data to other soldier-borne devices and the wider military network.

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